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Port aux Basques, NL

47o / 35.01 min N and 59o / 08.21 min W

Welcome to Marine Atlantic’s Port aux Basques terminal, situated on Newfoundland and Labrador's rugged and beautiful southwest coast.

How do I board?

Four toll booths mark the entrance to Marine Atlantic's Port aux Basques terminal, where the MV Blue Puttees, the MV Highlanders, the MV Atlantic Vision, and the MV Leif Ericson sail for North Sydney, Nova Scotia. Commercial and drive-up reservation passengers purchase their tickets at this point and are queued into appropriate lanes in the compound marshalling area to await sailing.

For the convenience of walk-on passengers and taxis operators, the service lane will take passengers to the terminal building. Buses access the building from the east side, where the baggage area is also located.

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What services and amenities are on site?

Marine Atlantic's two-story passenger service building is located on the south side of the Port aux Basques compound. The ticket counter and office, main lobby, public washrooms, cafeteria, a TV room/waiting room lobby, gift shop and the Southwest Coast Information Kiosk are all located on the main floor. Cabot Catering provides all food service on site.

A TV waiting room and a patio are located on the second floor of the passenger service building, as well as Marine Atlantic's Port aux Basques reservations office and administration area.

A children's play area is also located on the main floor of the building.

What services are nearby?

Please see the Port Aux Basques website for information.

  • Customers collecting their luggage / Clients récupérant leurs valises Port aux Basques / Port aux Basques Port aux Basques terminal building / Immeuble du terminal de Port aux Basques Port aux Basques terminal building / Immeuble du terminal de Port aux Basques Port aux Basques Terminal / Terminal de Port aux Basques Port aux Basques / Port aux Basques Reservations staff / Personnel des réservations
  • Seating Area / Aire de repos avec sièges
Map indicating Port aux Basques Terminal location
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Port aux Basques Terminal


Marine Atlantic
Port aux Basques Terminal
P.O. Box 520
Trans Canada Highway Route 1-Terminal Road
Port aux Basques, NL


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